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Thank you for showing interest in the job position: Wiring Technician (5611044).

In order to be considered for this position, please review the job description provided below, Click Apply and fill out the Job Application Form.

Location: El Paso, TX
Duration: 6-12 months contract
$10.00 an hour shift flexibility plus shift differential if applicable

1. Position Summary:
This position is responsible for the effective utilization of materials, equipment and systems in the assembly of moderately complex to very complex products and/or electrical wiring. Performs electrical wiring assembly on medium to large sized parts or panels. Performs final assembly of wiring and panels to Switchboard unit.

2. SKILL (Education, Experience, Initiative and Ingenuity):
? Must be able to take and successfully pass the appropriate Work Keys assessment .
? Ability to read complex blueprints and work independently.
? Good understanding of electrical principles and UL requirements helpful.
? Expertise with basic hand tools, air tools, gages and torque wrenches.
? 3-5 years previous Assembly experience required.

3. EFFORT (Physical Demand, Mental or Visual Demand)
? Must have excellent natural or corrected vision.
? Ability to lift up to 35 pounds.
? Job cannot be performed alternating sitting and standing.
? Ability to perform continuous repetitive motions with hands and arms.
? Uses a great deal of independent judgement and initiative to evaluate, troubleshoot and resolve assembly problems.

4. RESPONSIBILITY (Equipment or Process, Material or Product, Safety of Others, Work of Others)
? Read and understand moderately complex to very complex blueprints, wiring diagrams, bill of materials, and schematics.
? Assembles very small to very large sized parts and performs wiring assembly.
? Utilizes a wide variety of hand tools, air tools, and measuring equipment.
? When discrepancies occur between bill of materials and drawings, utilizes independent judgement to determine course of action.
? Performs entire wiring assembly operation of one job (from pre-arranged kit) from start to finish.
? Responsible for own quality check.
? Utilizes computer system for clocking start and finish of job.
? Responsible for own product quality, proper measuring techniques, and tool use and care.
? Quarantines non-conforming product according to standards and determines the disposition of the product in question.
? Evaluates and performs basic to moderately complex troubleshooting, and obtains support from supervision, and engineering as needed.
? May periodically provide input to supervision, engineering, and quality groups relative to product improvement.
? Establishes and maintains a safe and healthful working environment in accordance with OSHA requirements.
? Performs other tasks as may be requested to assure the effective and continuous utilization of assets.

5. JOB CONDITIONS (Working Conditions, Hazards)
? Safety shoes and safety glasses are required.
? Work is performed in an Assembly line environment in a manufacturing plant.
? Noise level is within normal and acceptable standards for environment.
? Proper use of various hand tools and cutting tools required.
? Requires ability to reach overhead, pull, push, and climb a ladder to perform work.