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Thank you for showing interest in the job position: IT PMO - Application Development Project.

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Berean Group is looking for IT PMO - Application Development Project Administrator.
This is an onsite position.
Location: Miramar, FL (South Florida)
Duration: 7 Months contract
Transformation Projects (Horizon, GDP, and Cruiseplus).
Scope of work:
The project management analyst (PMA) provides support and assistance to the members within the project management team in addition to various team leaders and members within the project. The PMA must adapt and learn multiple projects in a fast pace environment. He or she will coordinate program-wide and task specific meetings and document and publish meeting minutes in a timely manner. He or she will also create and prepare analytics (testing, defects, etc.) for client executive meetings. The PMA will also become the point of contact for onboarding and offboarding all team members which includes effectively learning the system access processes. The role involves the following activities:
1. Assist Program Lead or Program manager.
* Administer the Risk/Action/Issue process.
* Ensure audit processes such as data security and privacy are followed.
* Assist in setting up meetings, capturing and publishing minutes.
* Assist in preparing slides for meetings and producing analytics.
2. Follow up on key Audit documents (approvals, reviews, and scanning):
- Scope doc.
- NFR doc.
- Requirements doc.
- Production readiness
- Prepare basic start up docs from templates where needed. (Not final)
3. Create and follow up SRMs (Service Requests).
- Vendor access
- Simply assuring vendor's logistics
4. Follow up Work Order requests.
- Equipment
- Special room set up
5. Follow up on Change Management Requests.
- Substitute as needed
- Take notes on possible conflicting issues from Chg Mgt meetings.
- Contact teams that may be impacted with changes.
6. Assist with project inventory tracking issues
- PC Refresh requires close tracking of units ordered
- Assure that orders placed arrive complete
- Assist with project actuals vs remaining budget
- Analyze CA Reports
- Analyze MAC Reports
- Analyze Incident Reports
- Simple to complex spreadsheet manipulations
7. Assist with logistics associated with major meetings & training:
- Confirm key players will attend
- Assist with room logistics (projectors, etc.)
- When needed ordering food, etc.
8. Follow up of Purchase Department requests
- Eval unit requests
- Tracking delivery of key components.
- Etc.
9. Assist with project deliverables are being met, such as,
- Checking testing results
- Deployments tracking
10. Support ESR Presentation documents needed.
- For monthly ESR's
- For specific decision points (such as MDF - Major Decision Framework, etc.
11. Support EDM or Clarity requirements for updated documents.
- EDM presents certain ongoing difficulties
12. Pull any specialized JDE / Hyperion reports for
- Tracking open and received orders
- Aligning actual spend totals
- Validate status of orders
13. Assist with Shipping Equipment between locations
- International, Wichita, Springfield requests.
Required skills/competencies:
- Time management
- Problem solving skills
- Critical thinking
- Well-honed analytical skills and ability to focus on details
- Proficiency in MS Excel & Powerpoint
- Ability to learn new tools, skills and environments quickly
- Excellent oral and written English communications skills
- Ability to communicate and collaborate with people at all levels of the organization
- Experience in producing operational documentation
- Understanding of basic accounting and financial concepts
Preferred Skills:
- Knowledge of CA Clarity and Open Workbench, or knowledge of Microsoft Project Enterprise
- Experience with Lotus Notes
- Exposure to project management and resource planning concepts
- Experience with financial planning processes
Preferred Education:
Bachelors Degree
Travel Required: