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Thank you for showing interest in the job position: Optical Network Analyst- Senior Level.

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Berean Group is looking for Optical Network Analyst- Senior Level


Location: Murray Hill, NJ 
Duration: 1 Year contract


Job description:

The candidate will design dense WDM optical networks. The design of these networks requires a full understanding of the performance limitations of DWDM systems and transmission properties of various optical fibers. The candidate will use and specify numerical simulation tools to model the optical transmission performance of these systems. The simulation tools will be used to develop engineering rules for DWDM products and to assess architectural alternatives during product development. These rules are then applied to the requirements for the 1830 Engineering and Planning Tool. The candidate will also apply these tools to specific network designs in response to customer requests. The candidate will analyze the results of performance testing of DWDM systems and subsystems to ensure that the product meets the specifications and engineering rules, and to verify the accuracy of the simulations models. The candidate will work closely with the development team (systems engineers, circuit designers, and software developers), customer teams, and product management. 

Minimum Requirements: A PhD or Master's degree in optics, physics, or electrical engineering. 3+ years experience in optical transmission system design, numerical simulation, and testing of fiber-optic systems. Good communication and documentation skills. Ability to work independently and also work effectively within a team.


Key Job skills/experience: DWDM network design Modeling of optical transmission performance